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44% women
1'452'387 singles
56% men


Looking for your soulmate? You’ve come to the right place!

Welcome to UnikMatch

Some people go their whole lives without meeting their one and only soulmate. And others find that one person who changes their whole life. There’s no way to describe that connection. You can’t explain it, you can only feel it.

UnikMatch has been designed with a single aim: to offer as many men and women as possible the opportunity to experience the singular, magical moment where their lives fall into place, and where everything they had hardly dared dream of becomes reality.

UnikMatch is a dating service that aims to bring soulmates together. We want to help you meet your soulmate without losing patience and giving up, so we have a simple, effective approach :

  • Create your profile for free
  • See members near you
  • Matchmaking for greater compatibility
  • Direct messaging to help you get to know each other
  • Flirting and relationship coaching to increase your chances
Find my soulmate

How does it work?

Meet your soulmate in a few quick and simple steps :

Create your profile

Fill in the registration form to create your account for free, and then follow the steps to create your UnikMatch member profile.

Find the right person

Use the tools and services provided to search, check out profiles compatible with your own and make your choice.

Make contact

Chat directly if you think there might be a spark: if you think you’ve found the right person, arrange to meet.


Still deciding whether to sign up? Let us convince you.

UnikMatch helps you find the special person who will change everything

Find my soulmate